The Benefits of a Work from Home Business Opportunity

Have you been looking for a home based business that actually works? Are you dreaming of being your own boss? Perhaps you just want a flexible schedule that allows you to be with the kids when they need you most. With an independent distributorship from Sisel, you can enjoy all the benefits of working from home along with a modest income that helps you make ends meet. Before you return to the classifieds to search out a regular job, consider these wonderful benefits of a business opportunity with Sisel International in Australia.

Your Schedule, Your Way - Be Your Own Boss

There are many things that simply need to be done during regular business hours. When you have a regular job with a boss watching your every move, you have to beg for time off when you need it. Whether you are trying to make a doctor's appointment for yourself or want the afternoon off to go see your son in his first school concert, you have to ask for permission and hope that it's granted. If your boss says you cannot take off, then you are stuck at work.

With a home based business, you don't have to worry about being told you cannot take off. You set your schedule according to your needs and desires. Meet friends for lunch and take two hours if you want to. Go do some shopping at a great sale. You will never miss an important function for your kids again. You may wind up working a little later that night, or earlier in the morning to still make your goals and grow your business, but that's a trade-off you're willing to make. The point is that you will be the one setting your hours, deciding on your schedule and controlling your day.

Save Money - Enjoy Sizable Tax Breaks

The cost of petrol continues to rise, but you won't have to worry about that as much when you work from home. Unlike your friends who are dealing with long commutes and feel the pinch every time the price of fuel goes up, you will be working from the comfort of your own home. With this business opportunity, you will save money in several areas:

  • No more eating Lunches Out:

    When you're working at home, you can easily fix a healthy meal with whatever you have on hand.

  • Save on Commuting Expenses:

    It's not just about the petrol. When you drive less, you also enjoy lower insurance rates. Your cost of maintenance is also reduced as you minimize the wear and tear on your car.

  • Wear a wardrobe you actually enjoy:

    Are you tired of having two different wardrobes in your closet? With this program, you don't have to. Wear the clothes you actually like and enjoy because you will decide on your own work uniform.

  • Daycare Expenses:

    You don't have to spend a small fortune on daycare when you are working from home. You will have to put some systems in place to keep the kids safe and entertained while you are working, but you will be home with your children and that helps you save money.

  • Tax Savings:

    The US Tax code encourages home-based business owners by providing generous tax refunds so long as you treat your business building activities seriously, like you would any other small business. In order to reap the benefits you must start with the intention to may a profit and then you need to put in consistent effort and maintain proper records of your income & expenses.

Enjoy Having More Time to Do the Things You Enjoy

When you work from home, you will also save a great deal of time. With a regular job, you have to get up early in the morning and get to the office. If the weather is bad or there's an accident on the roads, your commute can take even longer than normal. Imagine how much more time you could enjoy every day if you could get right to work instead of sitting in traffic. When you don't have to drive to and from the job, you will be home earlier in the afternoon. If you want, then you can also work through lunch to enjoy being off earlier in the afternoon. The choices are yours, and you will love having more time to spend with the kids.

Avoid the normal Small Business Overheads

You may have dreams of opening some kind of business, but the prohibitive costs of getting started have stopped you in the past. Between deposits, utility bills, rents, liability insurance and the other miscellaneous expenses, starting a business can cost a small fortune. However, work-at-home opportunities do not carry those high charges and fees. As a matter of fact, you will lower your regular expenses even as you are boosting your income levels.

Extra Income - Reduce Debt

Sisel International enables you to build a significant and lasting residual income from your own home based business. Your time spent working will be more productive, and the benefits will repay you for years to come. Start putting money aside for a rainy day. Use the extra money to pay off debts and enjoy the thrill that comes with being debt-free. Put the extra funds towards your dream home, or just pay off your mortgage faster to enjoy a stable financial position. Put extra money towards retirement so you can enjoy your golden years. Whether you want the extra income to buy nicer things or just improve your finances, this work from home business opportunity can provide you with the money you want.

SISEL International is the Real Deal

Other opportunities tell you that you're going to become a millionaire in just weeks or months, but you know that's not possible. Sisel International allows you to become the master of your own destiny, but it will take work and dedication on your part. Most distributors work their way up to a pleasant income of about $1,000 a month after working for Sisel for three to four months. Where you go from there is largely dependent on how much you are willing to put into the program.

Stable and Secure

The truly beautiful thing about Sisel is that you don't have to quit your job to start traveling this road to financial freedom. You can continue working your regular day job while talking to people about these amazing products and how they can benefit from them. As your income grows, you will start enjoying a higher quality of life. Paying down the debts and freeing yourself from creditors, you will soon find yourself in a position where you can tell your boss good-bye and start working exclusively from home. By that time, you will have a healthy residual income level so you can actually enjoy your time at home.

Sisel International commenced operation in Australia in December 2012. This is your opportunity to go into business for yourself as a SISEL brand partner without having to borrow tens of thousands of dollars required to get started in a typical franchise style business. SISEL offers a safe and proven opportunity, this is your chance to become independent and financially secure. Spend less time traveling to work and trying to please the boss by becoming your own boss. The rewards are great, and you will wonder why you didn't get started sooner.


Five Benefits of Working for Yourself - Be Your Own Boss

Self-employment is not for everyone and not everyone can work from home. However, combining these two options creates an ideal situation for many people. Their ability to function in the work place may be affected by a number of factors. Whether its personal choice, anxiety, or health problems, there are a number of reasons people work better for themselves at home.

  1. Set Your Own Schedule

    When you are working for yourself from home, you can set a schedule that works around the things that are important to you. You can choose to work at night, while children are napping, even early in the morning. Setting your own schedule allows you the flexibility to set priorities without waiting for approval from managers and supervisors. You can schedule time for your favorite charity or give yourself time off.

  2. Be Your Own Boss and Enjoy Reduced Stress

    Working under your own supervision allows you to create a productive atmosphere that helps you to concentrate and focus on the task at hand. There is no one looking over your shoulder or checking in to see how far along your workload is. You can determine the deadlines for most of your projects and create plans to handle the rest. Working for yourself eliminates the problems of dealing with office politics and inappropriate drama that cause a poor working environment. Learn how to build a profitable home based business and enjoy lifestyle benefits when you decide to Be Your Own Boss.

  3. Lower Environmental Impact

    The ability to work from home saves time, money, gas and even lowers your environmental impact. There are no traffic jams full of exhaust emissions to sit through when you should be at a meeting. You can choose to use your car only a couple days a week thereby saving fuel. By working from home, you eliminate the impulse to stop at the coffee shop next door and get take out in those convenient Styrofoam cups and trays. You reduce landfill material and pollution while saving yourself money.

  4. Family Availability

    Accommodating the needs of family members has had a big impact on the reasons many people began home based businesses in the first place. Doctor appointments, school functions and family dinners are easier to fit into your schedule when you are in control of your time. Families who have parents or children with disabilities or health issues find that working for themselves at home allows them the time they need to care for their loved ones. The flexibility to include family time reduces anxiety and guilt related problems for busy parents.

  5. Healthier Eating Habits

    Many offices and organizations socialize over goodies, snacks and impromptu lunches. Many of these are unhealthy fast food options created for their convenience. When you work from home, you are less likely to purchase take out or grab a donut on the way into a meeting. This increases your ability to choose healthy choices over the ease of a quick drive through. You are more likely to provide yourself with healthy lunch choices or even make fresh meals if you don't have to brown bag it.

Working at home for your own business is about more than convenience. It's about taking control of every aspect of your life and enjoying it. You have the flexibility you need to reduce stress and increase productivity. Families suffer when they have to choose between them or the paycheck.