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* 5-Star Master Distributors are eligible for the 2% Level 7 payout.

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5 STAR Global Seamless Compensation Plan


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SISEL Five Star Compensation Plan Direct Distributor Commissions



SISEL Global Seamless Compensation Plan Summary

Sisel Compensation Plan Fast Start Bonus


Placing an order of 50 PV or more will qualify you to receive Fast Start Bonuses (FSB) for 4 bonus weeks. Qualifying orders (50 PV or more) placed by your personally enrolled distributors or customers will pay a FSB during bonus weeks 1-4 after their enrollment. FSB payout follows personal sponsorship.

Sisel Fast Start Retention Bonus


Placing an order of 50 PV or more will qualify you to receive Fast Start Retention Bonuses (FSRB) for 4 bonus weeks. Qualifying orders (100 PV or more) from personally enrolled distributors will pay a FSRB during bonus weeks 5-8 after their enrollment. If the enrollee's order is 200 PV or more the FSRB is 15%, if the order is between 150-199.99 PV the FSRB is 10%, if the order is between 100-149.99 the FSRB is 5%, no FSRB is paid for orders below $100.00PV. The FSRB will only pay out on BV equal to or less than the BV generated in weeks 1-4.

Direct Distributor Commissions Sisel Compensation Plan


Any qualifying order (50 PV or more) placed after the FSB Bonus weeks 1-4 also qualifies you for the Direct Distributor Commission (DDC). Distributors in your downline placing a qualifying order (50 PV or more) become a qualified leg. Having 1-3 qualified legs in your downline pays a DDC of 4 levels deep. 4 qualified legs pays a DDC of 5 levels deep. 5 qualified legs pays a DDC of 6 levels deep. 5-Star Master Distributors are eligible for the 2% Level 7 payout.

Master Ranks and Cheque Match Sisel Compensation Plan


Master Cheque Match (MCM) is available for qualified 1-Star Master Distributors and above. A monthly 200 PV is also required. MCM pays you a % of the DDC earned by Masters below you. Master generations follow personal enrollment. To qualify for MCM; 200 PV monthly, an active AutoPurchase (select markets only), and the following Qualified Downline Volume (QDV) requirements must be met. Master = 1,000 QDV. 1 Star Master = 7,500 QDV and pays 10% on Gen 1. 2 Star Master = 20,000 QDV and pays 10% on Gen 1 and 5% on Gen 2. 3 Star Master = 50,000 QDV and pays 10% on Gen 1, 5% on Gen 2, and 3% on Gen 3. 4 Star Master = 100,000 QDV and pays 10% on Gen 1, 5% on Gen 2, 5% on Gen 3. 5 Star Master = 250,000 QDV and pays 10% on Gen 1, and 5% on Generations 2-4. If more than 50% of your total Downline Volume is coming from one leg, no more than 50% of your total DV will be applied to your QDV from that leg. Initial Master qualification is granted by obtaining 1000 PV within the first 4 bonus weeks, or by obtaining 5000 cumulative QDV.

Luxury Car Bonus Sisel Compensation Plan


To qualify for the Luxury Bonus (LB) you must be a qualified 2-Star Master and earn $2,000 in total monthly commissions and bonuses. A Qualified 2-Star Master will earn a $300 LB, a Qualified 3-Star Master may earn a $500 LB, a Qualified 4-Star Master may earn a $600 LB, a Qualified 5-Star Master may earn a $750 LB. LB must be used to pay for a luxury automobile. Receiving 50% of the Luxury Bonus as a cash payout is also available.

PLEASE NOTE: The SISEL Compensation Plan is subject to change / enhamcement by SISEL International corporate office without prior notice.

The compensation plan details displayed above and rules (e.g. rates of commission) applied in the Residual Income Calculator were correct as of April 2013.
Download the latest version of the SISEL Compensation Plan in PDF format from the following link ...


Working the SISEL International Global Compensation Plan to the MAX!

The following Sisel and Sisel Kaffé Compensation Plan upgrade will take affect from the beginning of February 2015. Both the mainstream Sisel and the coffee side of the business, i.e. Sisel Kaffé will use exactly the same profit centers, percentages, and payouts, including Master Check Match now paid on Kaffe volume as well!

Sisel and Kaffé volumes / commissions will continue to be tracked separately and your personal qualification level (ranging from Bronze to Platinum) will still need to be reached separately for both the traditional line of Sisel products and the coffee arm of the business. Let’s say you have a regular monthly order (i.e. Auto-Purchase) of 200 PV from “switching your spending” on everyday products such as toothpaste, shampoo, laundry detergent, just to mention a few. Well by adding a small order of coffee, say 50 PV to your monthly purchases will auto-qualify on the Kaffé side, matching the monthly Personal Qualification Levels (Bronze to Platinum) you have already achieved with your mainstream Sisel PV. Here’s the math … 200 Sisel PV plus 50 Kaffé PV equals Platinum on both sides. 
 1,000 PV in either side of the business within first 30 days of a distributor's membership will still Fast Track that new Distributor to the 1-Star Master Rank for the current month and the following 3 months.

The structure of Fast Start Bonus and Direct Commission has been revised to offer dynamically compressed payments. The key to maximizing these incredible payouts is to maintain your personal qualifications at the Platinum level. The Leaders Affinity Bonus has been replaced with "Leadership Level" payments on the Direct Commission and the added Global Bonus Pools. This overcomes the previous blockages of the Affinity bonus. You can now achieve Star Master Ranks at a lower, making them easier to reach.

The Platinum Partner Rewards Program and Preferred Customer Rewards Program remain as they were, unchanged, as does the tiered product-pricing model. SISEL is currently planning to implement Rank Advancement Bonuses in the near future.

Everyone needs to know how to maximise the benefits of the SISEL compensation plan and how to build their team structure in a way that creates stability, generates a significant passive residual income where you know eventually, you can walk away from this and still earn regular income knowing you can pass this on as a legacy to your children.

These are the basic questions we are trying to answer here:

What does it takes to qualify as a Master Distributor?

What does it take to maximise the income available from the compensation plan?

How to build the structure of your team and collect every cent (or penny) available from the SISEL's Global Compensation Plan?

Let's start by talking about the five ways you get paid by Sisel International, that are designed to benefit all of the leaders and everyone in your group to maximise the payout we get and reward your effort. Team leaders in the field are very excited about the enhancements that simplify the way distributors are paid that were introduced following the convention in Las Vegas in February 2013.

The Fast Start program contains two parts. When you bring in new independent distributors and preferred customers to your organisation you will receive a 30% Fast Start Bonus on anything they order during their first four weeks. During the next four weeks after that the residual income kicks in together with a Fast Start Retention Bonus of up to 15%. This is a really an opportunity for everyone, both new in the business and experienced distributors to get paid very quickly.

Next we'll examine the enhancements made to the direct commissions, there's a lot of extra money available for Sisel independent distributors. Increase your Master Cheque Match bonus payments by helping those below you to achieve Master Distributor status. The final aspect of the compensation plan is the Luxury Car Bonus that is available to those who achieve 2 Star Master Distributor level and above.

  1. Fast Start Bonus for newly recruited distributors

    Remember 30% of what is ordered by new distributors and customers in their first four weeks rolls up to you as a Fast Start Bonus and you receive payment within eight or nine days. You can support those under you without losing anything, e.g. you can support your team members on level two by placing new distributors under them, building depth in your organisation and still receive that big 30% Fast Start bonus. New distributors can earn money very quickly during their first week and are motivated to stick with the business. Anytime you need to get some money quickly, to pay bills or enjoy a vacation all you have to do is bring in a new distributor and the Fast Start Bonus is paid the following week. This bonus also is paid three levels up the organisation, e.g. when you help one of your personally introduced team members bring in a new distributor then you will receive a 5% Fast Start Bonus.

    The power of network marketing allows us to be paid over and over again for the effort we put in. As you start to build out your group, motivating, encouraging and training those below you what starts to happen is the number of people on your third and forth levels grows dramatically and so does your pay check. The Fast Start Bonus payments you are receiving each and every week just keep growing and growing from the 30% you get when you personally sponsor distributors and the 5% when those you have introduced sponsor new distributors. It doesn't matter how many times they order within the first four weeks you will receive a payment for every purchase of 50PV and above.

    The payout for preferred customers is slightly different to the commission earned from orders placed by distributors. The Sisel Compensation Plan provides preferred customers with a 20% rebate on all of their orders. It's similar to a loyalty card from your favourite coffee shop, buy five cups of coffee and get your next one for free. When you bring in a new preferred customer into your home based business you will receive a 20% Fast Start Bonus. Keep in mind Sisel International pays out a full 60% for newly recruited distributors and preferred customers in the fast start program.

  2. Fast Start Retention Bonus for orders in the second month

    From five weeks through to the eight weeks you are eligible to receive a Fast Start Retention bonus up to 15%, in addition to the regular direct distributor commission. The Sisel International compensation plan is designed to enable new distributors to break-even more quickly and motivate them to stay in the business. The Fast Start Retention bonus highly motivates sponsoring distributors to help those they recruit to bring in new people and place an order over 100 PV in the second month. Team leaders should encourage their new distributors to set-up a 200 PV monthly auto-purchase to achieve Platinum status and maximize their Retention bonus payments.

  3. Four Levels of Qualification for Direct Distributor Commission

    Let's talk about the monthly residual incomes we can expect to be paid as brand partners in Sisel. You can qualify as a Platinum distributor with an order of 200 PV or more. As the level of qualification increases through Bronze, Silver, Gold and up to Platinum so does the level of payments received. Bronze distributors receive half the percentage payout enjoyed by those at Platinum. SISEL welcomes everyone to begin at whatever level they can currently afford, even the 50 PV Bronze level they qualify for the full Fast Start Bonuses.

    Increasing the qualification level and width of your SISEL team works to open up greater earning depth and quantity of residual income payment received each and every month. Unlike a Binary Compensation Plan, SISEL pays 100% of the business value (BV) within your qualification range. Team leaders remember: by helping the people below to become successful you are boosting your own income by way of the matching cheque bonus. The recent enhancements to the compensation plan really assist new distributors just getting started. To earn $1,000 monthly residual income under the previous compensation plan you needed 120 distributors in your team, each with an average monthly order of $200. The enhanced now pays $1,000 per month with only 39 people in your team. This sort of life changing income at level three will allow someone to give up their full-time job and only work part-time. There's enough money coming in at level four ($2,430 per month) to quit your regular 9 to 5 job and work with SISEL in your very own home-based business full-time. The Australian Bureau of Statistics 2011 Census indicates that average mortgage payment is $1,800 per month.

    Visit the All Star Global Team website to see exactly how much money you can earn by entering your own estimates into the RESIDUAL INCOME CALCULATOR.

    If we look at a 4 x 4 example of residual income (i.e. just adding one more person into our organisation on five levels) we see an income of almost $18,000 per month or an annual residual income of more than $200,000.


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Sisel Kaffe is the Top Coffee Business Opportunity in the USA today

Sisel Coffee is a totally unique product that will appeal to an existing consumer market of more than 100 million coffee drinkers in the USA alone. Unlike traditional MLM / Network Marketing products, with Sisel Kaffe you won't have to spend a lot of time trying to convince your prospects to try this top coffee, just give them a small sample.

Top Coffee Biz with SISEL International is a phenomenal home based business opportunity.

If you have not sampled any of the Sisel Coffee products yet, you need to do so ASAP. You can't really appreciate just how good this business opportunity truly is until you try the coffee yourself. If you have been searching for a sizzling hot business opportunity, with an amazing compensation plan then Sisel Kaffe is the one for you. If you have a spare $20 you can get started with Top Coffee Biz today.


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SISEL Compensation Program Summary

Sisel has combined more than 25 years of experience with extensive industry research to create a balanced hybrid compensation plan that generously rewards beginning and veteran distributors alike. Our phenomenal plan provides immediate income that increases as you build your organization. Whether you are seeking to supplement your income, or eventually replace it and enjoy complete financial independence, Sisel's dynamic plan can help you reach your goals. View the SISEL RESIDUAL INCOME CALCULATOR on our All Star Global Team website.

Our phenomenal plan provides immediate income that increases as you build your organization. Whether you are seeking to supplement your income, or eventually replace it and enjoy complete financial independence, Sisel's dynamic plan can help you reach your goals.


Sisel has taken the guesswork out of building your group into a powerful money generator by creating a plan that is designed to be easily maximized. Our Five Star Global Plan shows you exactly how wide to build while encouraging you to continue increasing through unlimited depth in your most productive legs. In addition to having truly effective products, Sisel offers a genuinely lucrative business opportunity, both of which are essential for your immediate and long-term success. For complete details on Sisel's dynamic 5-Star Global Compensation Plan refer to the complete Compensation Plan Manual and Official Policies and Procedures found at

How can you make a judgement about the profitability of several different MLM business opportunities?

An excellent place to start is to examine their residual income payment structure. The greatest amount of income earned through network marketing will come from the commission earned from regular monthly product sales. Forget the fast start bonuses, matching cheque payments and luxury car bonuses they are just the icing on the cake. What you need to know is how do you get your money back / break-even and how long will it take to earn $1,000 in residual income payments each and every month.

The beauty of residual income is that we do the work to build our team (network) now and we'll receive a payment every month for as long as the people we introduced stay with the business. SISEL have designed their global compensation plan to reward independent distributors that help bring in new distributors thereby, growing the business volume for all to share.

Many people quit MLM within the first couple of because they don't make any significant amount of money. They either decide that MLM it's a scam, or that it's just too difficult to learn all they need to know about network marketing, both are incorrect views.

Building a home based network marketing business requires a long-term focus and commitment to creating residual income from product sales. Very few people can earn a lot of money quickly. Success will come from building a network of customers and distributors over a considerable period of time. Therefore, before you decide which company to join, you should examine the company's residual income to determine the viability for earning long term payments. Typically, MLM companies pay you a residual income commission of between 5% to 10% on the volume of product sales in your downline.

As a guide, try to find out how much money average part time distributors earn. Ask the company representative or potential sponsor how many people do you need in your team to earn $1,000 per month. You could approach this another way, ask how much residual income would I earn if I had 40 people in my network. In the case of SISEL that's all you need to generate the $1,000 life changing income. Another key element to consider is how easy is it for people the duplicate the process and also earn a good residual income?

The Secret of why the Rich get Richer: Rich people don't work to earn money by the hour like those on fixed wages. Wealthy people gain their wealth by building a business that provides work for other people who's efforts generate money for them, i.e. leveraging the work of others. The average worker exchanges their time and effort for a wage and is never likely to build wealth.

If you want to be free from money worries and attain financial freedom you need to have your own business. There are three ways you can generate a passive income which exceeds your daily living expenses: start a new business from scratch, buy into an existing franchise or join a network marketing business that has a wide range of consumable products and a generous compensation plan.

The easiest and cheapest option is working from home part-time in the MLM industry while keeping your regular 9 to 5 job. In one sense this option is similar to a franchise, i.e. you will receive training and ongoing business support. However, MLM with SISEL International only requires a small initial investment, the starter kit is just $20.

Considering the current economic climate / recession, with the constant talk of downsizing, company mergers and high unemployment levels, it would be wise to think about a Plan B. Whether your current job looks secured or not, it's always good to have other options available. Seek out a mentor to sponsor you into a well established network marketing company with a compensation plan that will reward your efforts fairly. When people such as Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Australian Golfing legend Greg Norman and "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" author Robert Kiyosaki recommend network marketing there must be something going for it.

The Power of MLM comes from Leverage, i.e. earning an income from the efforts of others. Most people in regular jobs are trading their time and efforts for money which means when they are not working they are not earning any money. It doesn't matter how well skilled you are, even a doctor only gets paid when he/she is actually on the job. Their earning potential is limited by how many hours they can work. A home based network marketing business enable you to leverage the time and effort spent by those you introduce to the business to create a significant residual income. Study the SISEL compensation plan and see how you can leverage your time to benefit not only from your personal efforts, but from other distributors as well. American Billionaire John Paul Getty famously once said, "I would rather earn 1% of 100 people's efforts than 100% of my own efforts".


SISEL KAFFE: Parallel Compensation Plan

Coffee Bonus Paid Independently with traditional SISEL International 30% Fast Start Bonus. Starter Packs: Coffee Variety $350 to $500 and K-cup Machine + Coffee Variety $1000.

FOUR LEVELS of Qualification: Higher levels = higher pay %. You get paid 10% from Level 2 through to Level 6, from Level 7 to infinity you receive 5%, your earning potential has NO END! This ensures that Sisel KAFFE #1 in more ways than just the best coffee flavor. This is the best compensation plan in the MLM industry bar none.

The world's best tasting coffee manufactured in-house means SISEL keeps costs down and rewards distributors with a very generous parallel compensation plan. It starts with a 30% fast start bonus and ongoing residual income commission of 10%. Get paid while you drink coffee every day, this compensation plan has been designed for the average distributor not just the leaders. Check out our special Top Coffee Biz website for more details.



Virtually Unlimited Income Potential with SISEL International

The American Dream is one of success and white picket fences, but it is also about the peace we experience when we know that we can care for our families. One unfortunate aspect of that success is that it often keeps us apart from the very people for which we care. Imagine being able to accomplish all that we dream of as one's own boss or from the comfort of one's own home. In may seem like a lofty goal, but with the purpose and the motivation to achieve it, Sizzle Biz Team can provide the direction.

At its essence, this is what Sisel International is, providing hardworking people with the direction needed to achieve success. It is about harnessing human resources, such as persistence and dedication. It is one thing to find success, but it is a wondrous thing to achieve our potential and to be proud of that which we have realized. Nevertheless, if there is one truth in life, it is that we never accomplish anything worth doing alone.

Sizzle Biz Team represents 'being there'. As human beings, we need our network for the context and the connection that it provides. Unfortunately, working for oneself often denies us this very basic need. We need to know that there are others like us, and we need to confer with those that have walked the miles in these same shoes. As a team of independent distributors, SISEL offers you that, and being a team means being there for friends and partners and having them be there for you.

SISEL International is also an opportunity, the chance to be your own boss, and to operate a lucrative, home-based business. SISEL does not measure success in terms of obligation but rather in terms of want. Make as much and work as hard as you want. Do you want to spend more time with the family? Then slow down, take a breather, and do just that. You are at the center of this business model, and the only restrictions on you are the ones you choose to self-impose. The slogan 'Choose Your Income' is not a gimmick. You provide the purpose and motivation, and the team will provide the direction.

While the people may be the key to our, there is of course more to the equation. No matter how hard we work, if the product or service fails, then the entire model is a failure. However, SISEL is a company that knows how to succeed. They are a highly respected name in the industry, and they have well developed and long established products that will not simply succeed but excel. Tom Mower's products are quality items that people will want to buy and that we can be proud of, to the point that we would recommend them to our family and to our friends. Furthermore, Sisel has introduced premium quality coffee from Panama that is both healthy and has weight loss properties.

The Sisel Compensation plan is diverse and configurable, and more than a simple commission payment plan. Of course, that is one component, but SISEL offers 5 ways in total to earn revenue. Using some or all of these 5 ways, one can define the perfect opportunity to meet their needs and suit their tastes. Team members can concentrate on orchestrating a network of marketers or salespeople, or they can hit this opportunity at the ground level and sell the product themselves. Succeed without ever selling a product directly, or become a powerhouse Internet storefront. It is always your choice.

We have procrastinated long enough. Today is the day that you we a stand and tap into the virtually unlimited potential that Sisel Kaffe provides. Join the team today for health, wealth, and happiness. Take great pride in selling and marketing products that have real benefit, and then watch happily, as your family reaps the benefits of that success. Thank you for this opportunity, and we look forward to a long and productive relationship.