SISEL KAFFE: Healthy Coffee Business Opportunity - Premium Beans from Boquete in Panama

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  • Premium coffee beans from Panama ranked #1 BEST FLAVOR in the world twelve years in a row

  • Grown in volcanic soil on the slopes of ancient volcanoes

  • Micro-climate protection of a lush rainforest at high altitude for increased flavor created by defensive response to intense sunlight

  • 100% Certified Organic - Includes Chaga, Bacopa, Ganoderma, Gotu Kola, Yerba mate and Evodiamine extract.

  • Beans grown in Boquete, Panama where the sweet volcanic soil takes the bitterness out of the coffee, making it more delicious

  • Weight loss coffee features evodiamine and chlorogenic acid extracted from sun-ripened green coffee beans

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Enjoying SISEL KAFFE Premium Coffee at Home

There's a caffeine craze sweeping the country, and the latest statistics are showing roughly 80% of adults now considering themselves frequent consumers of the world's most popular beverage. Coffee is a staple of the modern day experience, and it's quickly outpacing other unhealthy drinking habits like alcohol and soda. Despite the rigorous testing done on the potential side effects and consequences of this level of consumption, coffee remains a decidedly healthy alternative.

But what makes the cocoa beans and caffeine such a tasty treat for both the brain and body?

The Coffee Cure-All

Coffee might lead to yellowish stains on the enamel of teeth, but beyond the brushing, this beverage is working wonders for the human immune system. Premium coffee is shown to lower a person's risk of death by correlating coffee drinking with renewed levels of vitality and reduced levels of stress, impacting numerous chronic diseases like diabetes. The Journal Cancer Epidemiology found an encouraging connection to coffee drinking and lower cancer risks: women who drank four or more cups every day reduced their endometrial cancer risk by a whopping 25%, while men who drank six or more cups every day showed similar reductions in their risk for prostate cancer. This means that premium coffee can go a long way in protecting a person's health, and on the scale of positive drinking habits, cocoa beans and caffeine are quickly climbing their way to the very top.

The coffee bean used to ground and produce all forms of coffee contains mild psychotropic contents, which, while toxic in excessive doses, has been mixed into a relaxer along with the caffeine stimulants. The compounds that are in top coffee business brands such as SISEL KAFFE have not become as inundated in unhealthy processing habits as most other drinks, producing coffee that's shown to protect brains from early onset Alzheimer's or dementia. Premium coffees contain veritable shots of adrenaline and cortisone levels that are triggered by their coffees, stimulating hormones and creating a host of desirable side effects. In addition to reducing risks of oral cancer by 50% thanks to the coffee's unique composition, coffee also reduces risks of basal cell carcinoma, the leading form of skin cancer, and may even promote healthy DNA and musculature. Thanks to the stimulation of adrenaline and cortisone, caffeine actually has a positive effect on the human muscles that simulates exercise.

Coffee has been shown to reduce the risk of Parkinson's and gallstone disease, making it an ideal preventative drink. Coffee also increases the cognitive performance of people who drink at least one cup a day, improving morning, afternoon and evening productivities after a bad night's sleep or a long day's work. Coffee serves as an anti-diabetic, extending the list of preventative users into a relative 'cure all' for the human condition. Coffee is additionally a liver protector, improving gastrointestinal processes and even working in capacity as an antioxidant due to the presence of polyphenols within the coffee like anthocyanidins, flavonols, hydroxycinnamic acids and flavan-3-ols; compounds that reduce the oxidative cell damage in the body.

The types of coffee mixes and brews affect these ingredients. Espresso coffee actually produces higher antioxidant activity than comparable coffees thanks to its brewing method, and coffee on the whole prevents dental cavities with the tannins in the polyphenolic compounds. Last but not least, the natural relievers, stimulants and stress reducers within coffee show a sizable reduction in blood pressure that has adversely affected coffee drinkers who try to quit the beverage and see a spike in their stress levels.

All of this science boils down to the fact that a steaming hot cup of Sisel Kaffe from coffee beans grown in Panama is the perfect drink for a healthy life, while brewing home espresso mixes can actually improve the immune system and renew the diminishing vitalities that come from age and illness.

A Cup of Coffee a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

With health benefits like these, it's no wonder top coffee business ventures are seeing so much success. But just because coffee is filled with beneficial ingredients and compounds doesn't mean there aren't some drawbacks that drinkers should be aware of. A cup a day might deep the doctor away, but eight cups before noon will make the doctor's office a daily appointment. Responsible doses of cocoa beans and caffeine promote a healthy life, but irresponsible doses put that health at risk in more ways than one.

A cup of gourmet coffee from of Sisel Kaffe from Panama might be a tempting drink to overindulge in, but here are some reasons why these tasty treat should remain 'treats'.

First and foremost, coffee can slightly discolor the surface of your teeth if proper precautions are not taken. In many brands, the risk of this effect is lower than the staining and decay caused by soda, but smile-conscious people will want to take extra steps to keep their teeth white after a morning cup of joe. There are also possible adverse reactions to people who are highly sensitive to caffeine; studies have shown that these individuals can actually develop anxiety and sleep disorders if they consume highly caffeinated drinks too often.

Coffee remains an empowering beverage for your brain, heart, and liver, but drinking excessive amounts of coffee won't actually double the positive benefits. Quite oppositely, excessive drinking can tip over many of the benefits in casual consumption -- the same compounds that cause shots of adrenaline and stimulation can become cholesterol burdens if over-consumed. Sleep schedules can also be effected by these stimulants, and the many antioxidants and anti-diabetic ingredients found in modern coffee should not be consumed by pregnant women or other physiologically sensitive individuals. Caffeine molecules are actually tiny enough to get through placenta and mix with the baby's blood circulation.

Coffee has also shown a problematic relationship with many prescription and over the counter medications like Tylenol. Cocoa bean and caffeine fans should consult with a health professional before mixing their morning cup with a morning dosage.

Top Coffee Business Opportunity: SISEL KAFFE and You

Coffee is a business, and the business opportunity that comes from premium brands covers the quality exchange of responsibly brewed ingredients and reasonably priced gourmet and espresso products. But the business side has the potential to either benefit coffee drinkers or damage them with excessive purchasing and drinking caused by marketing campaigns that push the health benefits without warning about the risks of overcompensating and over-drinking. It's the job of advertisers to sell, but a well-informed buyer can ensure his or her coffee habits remain healthy.

Over 18,000 studies have looked into the benefits and drawbacks to coffee, and the consensus retains that ideal doses of coffee products promote longevity and soothe everyday stresses. People are advised to drink between two and four cups of coffee a day, averaging around 25 measured ounces, while people who drink beyond that scientifically recommended ceiling run the risk of sleep complications, energy crashes and disordered psychological schedules. Luckily, most Americans don't even average four cups a day, putting the majority of coffee drinkers well below the threshold of danger and well above contemporaries who choose alternatives like soda and alcohol to wet their habits.

A cup of SISEL KAFFE premium coffee is a tempting thing.

Luckily, this is one exception in which it's okay to give into temptation. Your heart and health will thank you for it. The rich flavour of a premium coffee starts with the bean, long before we make it at home in our kitchen or enjoy it from the local coffee shop. World famous Boquete Gesiha coffee beans from Panama get their rich flavour from the volcanic soil, plenty of pure unpoluted water and due to its high altitude exposure to the powerful rays of the sun. The little village of Boquete within Chiriqui Province is located on the slopes of an ancient volcano in the north-west region of Panama. The rich flavor and natural sweetness of coffe beans grown in Boquete is due to the high volume of flavonoids produced by the coffee plant in response to the powerful UV rays from the sun. Sisel Kaffe Instant Black is the best tasting cup of coffee available in the USA today.