SISEL International manufacturing plant in Utah USA

Science and Innovation will guide SISEL International to global Success


SISEL International: Science and Innovation will lead to Success in Australia

SISEL international is a company that is driven by innovation and science to produce the most effective health products on the market. Science, Innovation, Success, Energy and Longevity are the founding principles behind the company. The company is rooted in science and research to improve the quality and longevity of people's lives. Tom Mower, the mercurial MLM icon and leading force behind the company, has brought together some of the most talented researchers under one roof. Their aim is to channel scientific advancements into producing cutting edge and effective products made from natural yet exotic ingredients.

The company's product line is diverse yet bound by the theme of innovation. Each company product easily rivals flagship products of other companies owing to SISEL's innovative nature. Originality influences not only the product but also the product packaging. The company's founder - Tom Mower - leads an experienced management team to realize the third founding principle behind SISEL: i.e. Success. The management is attuned to creativity siphoning the success of the company's distributors not only financially but also physically given the quality of the company's products. The company's products exude energy. They energize the body and replenish the mind. From conception, Tom designed these products to serve as gateways in refreshing consumers physically and mentally. The company aims to infuse this energy with longevity in its products through extensive research.

The company manufactures its own products, unlike most network marketing companies, because it places an emphasis on all ingredients that constitute its products. Many products sold in the MLM industry contain potentially detrimental ingredients. The company overcomes this through proprietary manufacturing. The lot of network marketing companies is to take bottles formulated by other companies and simply put their own label on them. These private label products are often sold to multiple companies resulting in the products being nearly identical and only masked by different labels. While this route is fine, Mr. Tom Mower's products needed to be formulated to as near as perfection as possible. To do this a proprietary manufacturing company was built. A company capable of manufacturing products that out perform all others in their categories using the finest ingredients on the planet. A company programmed to deliver on the standards set by Mr. Tom Mower.

The company's manufacturing plant delivers products that do exactly as they promise. SISEL products consist of revolutionary formulations that stand in a league of their own with respect to effectiveness. A facility like this doesn't exist anywhere in the world. It's difficult to find a manufacturing facility with the same level of engineering sophistication. Tom invested out of his own pocket to bring this nutraceutical fortress into conception. The 400,000 square foot plant has some of the most sophisticated and specialized equipment operating on a large-scale. The subsequently manufactured products are the safest, most effective and unique products the market has ever seen. There's no better way to experience this state-of-the-art manufacturing plant than to see it in person. The vast, expansive suites allow the company to execute its mission to deliver the products that could individually support an enterprise to rival any network marketing company. The layout of the facility is elegant. Every piece of equipment is designed / programmed for efficiency. From the production lines to the warehouse, the quantity of material and products being channelled is a sight to behold.

A team of accomplished scientists was assembled to develop the company's products. The biochemists, medical doctors and specialists assembled by Tom Mower were certainly up to snuff. Led by Tom Mower and Tom Mower Jr., son of the former and a nutraceutical biochemist, the team of scientific experts have a singular aim, and that aim is to develop products with a foundation in research and effectiveness.

There's nothing comparable to these products because of the enormous research and expertise that has gone into developing them. The formulations are unique, tested and evaluated. The manufacturing uses the finest raw materials from trusted suppliers and eschews not only harmful ingredients but also toxic chemicals that are commonly inherent in packaging and play a role in contaminating the ingredients. Often, toxic materials from packaging leak into the ingredients. The company curtails both issues by dealing with high quality suppliers. The quality of products is inseparable from the quality of ingredients used in their making. The company is committed to maintaining the highest quality in all parts of the manufacturing process. If the quality of any ingredients is lacking then the entire product will show this inadequacy. The company's ingredients are some of the most exotic and purest in the world. The company opts for the most potent ingredients in the world regardless of price. It takes these steps to ensure the products outperform all others, exceed expectations and set new standards.

To fuel the research, SISEL has procured the best scientific equipment that money could buy. The only thing rivalling the chemistry of the scientific staff is the high-end equipment found in this research and development laboratory. The equipment's potential is harnessed to maximum effect; extensive experience and knowledge allow the team to channel imagination and develop the best products.

There is a great opportunity to be had at SISEL. The company's lucrative products are ripe. It is experiencing a higher growth rate than any other networking marketing company in history. The ownership of manufacturing facilities allows the company to keep apace of the demands of its valuable customers. Its proprietary facilities allow its loyal distributors to receive the highest commissions in the industry. The high payoff to the distributors stems from the margins saved through proprietary manufacturing. This Win-Win situation sees the customers getting the best products possible and distributors of all sizes receiving the highest commissions. This is all due to the company's commitment to producing the best, safest and most innovative products.


Dreaming of a Better World in the Future

We're going to take a step from reality for a couple of minutes and shift into the world that only your greatest dreams could imagine. Free yourself from any stress that you currently have and just let go as you read this so that you can truly picture it.

The World Of Dreamers

In this world, sickness is a thing of the past. As you grow old, still looking as young as ever due to modern cosmetics, your body still maintains its ability to fight off diseases. Cancer is as scarce a word as polio, as it was wiped out long ago. Heart attacks are no longer a major fear of those that live on their own -- specialised medicine prevents blood clots from being able to form, which is what causes these attacks.

The streets are barren of the homeless, everyone having their own place to live. Why is this? Everyone is able to make a large income working less hours at their jobs, possibly only three hours a week. Housing is cheap and affordable, and you're able to spend money on things that you WANT, rather than piddling your money away trying to pay bills for the essentials of life.

Being able to survive on less hours has given you many other benefits as well. You will be able to spend more time with the people you care about most. Instead of constantly gazing at that family portrait on your work desk, wishing you were back home with them, you will be able to look at these loved ones in the flesh. You only get to live once and won't be around forever, but luckily you can live your life the way you really want.

You are now in your backyard playing tennis with the neighbour, diving to save a shot. The catch -- you're 60 years old. You have the energy of your youth due to modern energy supplements that keep you from slowing down in your old age. This increased energy has not only enabled you to do the things that you love, but has allowed you to get exercise that will slow down the process at which your muscles and bones begin to wear down.

Ever wanted to go to Italy? Pack up your bags and head there for a few days. It's no big deal, everyone does it these days and it won't even put a dent in your monthly income. Breath in the aromas of true Italian pasta, take in the amazing art that has been generated by the culture for the past few centuries, and go visit the Colosseum where gladiators once fought in gruesome battles for the glory of Rome.

Humans have finally stopped infringing on nature's territory. Take your family on a nature walk through the forest that was grown to replace the old K-Mart shopping complex that was demolished decades ago. Take in the smells of the damp Earth, crisp fallen leaves, dew-dropped flowers, and fresh water springs. Why are these smells so prominent? Harmful toxins are no longer released into the air, and you now live in a world that grows with nature, rather than against it.

You no longer need to wish for world peace. Greed and the desire for power have been eradicated from the world because people have gained an understanding for the value of life, and what it means to be humble. Nobody wants to rule over one another or be the most powerful country. In fact, governments no longer separate themselves by countries, but have rather united themselves. This makes war pointless, as there is no use in conquering yourself. It also allows humans to work as one single entity, which makes a lot more sense than working against one another.

Step Back Into Reality

Alright, so maybe this is a bit far-fetched. However, there are some real advances that will be coming fairly soon that will change the world we live in forever. The goal of these creations is to make our lives easier, better, and more enjoyable. Feeling a little weary that any actual change is coming? Let's take a look at some major projects.

Robotic Surgery

Surgery is always a nerve-racking experience for both the doctor and the patient. For the patient, their life hangs in the balance as they allow a complete stranger to cut them open and work on them from the inside. For the doctor, they have to fix a problem inside of somebody while ensuring that they don't mess up and kill them.

Robotic surgery will help build confidence in the patient, and will reduce the stress on doctors. Robots are more precise and steady than humans, and can use smaller instruments that reduce the risk of accidentally harming something. They will work by being controlled by an outside source. This will also reduce medical expenses, as their is less pressure on doctors, and the procedures will be much faster.

The Future Of Driving

Instead of having to pay out several hundred dollars each month in gas, you will soon be able to drive a car that is completely electric and recharges itself on the road. It will be able to do this due to the new roads that will be constructed that will absorb solar energy, creating enough power to charge cars wirelessly and still have extra power to be used in cities. This will reduce the power bill of your household as well!

Workplace Robotics

Many people have feared being replaced by robots in the workplace, but there is no need to be afraid. When companies begin using robots, they will reduce the expense it costs them to create goods. When the expenses are reduced, so are the product prices. Every business will lower the prices of their goods because it is costing less to make them.

As for work, most manual labor jobs will be replaced with cognitive thinking jobs. Workers will help the robots make decisions and operate correctly. Rather than being replaced by robots, they will work WITH them. Robots will never be able to make cognitive decisions on their own because at that point it becomes life.

SISEL -- The Future Starting Today!

SISEL International is a company that specialises in creating products that are healthier for people over standard name brand products. SISEL performs many research projects to discover new ways to better the people's lives.

One major project is TS-X, which is a product that performs anti-aging that will allow humans to live longer lives. The concept behind it is that the longer a cell is able to continue to replicate itself, the longer the human body can avoid breaking down. Researchers believe that TS-X can be used to stimulate this replication process, increasing the life span of humans.

As a company overall, SISEL has also helped people reduce the amount of time that they have to work. Their program allows for employees to make a significant income by just referring people to the company, and then continuing to have those references bring in people of their own. Employees receive compensation for their references, earning them a permanent monthly income. Soon enough, employees can quit their 9-5 jobs and rely solely on their ever-increasing income from their SISEL references. This is the future of working!

SISEL's research and enhanced products are slowly making the world a better place, one person at a time. Come help spread the word and earn the income you deserve by joining SISEL today!