An Introduction to Telomere Research & SISEL International's TS-X

Have You Ever Wondered About the Source of Aging?

Not long ago, the real source of the aging process was not understood by scientists. There were competing views as to whether aging was predominantly caused by internal processes in the body or by cellular damage over time. We now understand that the truth is a combination of the two. Cell degradation does indeed occur over time and much of that degradation has to do with normal bodily processes, not external issues. Now that this is understood, it may even be possible to reverse the aging process as we now understand it. Want to know more? Read on to discover the latest news on aging.

Your Chromosomes

Your chromosomes are arguably the most important part of your body's cells. Chromosomes each contain the DNA information necessary for new cells to divide successfully. Cell division is an important natural process that happens consistently throughout a person’s life, replacing cells that have become worn out for one reason or another. Cell division can be brought on by injury and in other situations where damaged cells need to be replaced immediately or it can take place as part of the body's natural replenishment process. During this replenishment, the body attempts to create perfect copies of existing cells as new cells divide into being. However, we are now much closer to understanding why the new cells are frequently imperfect.

The Aging Process

What we think of as normal aging takes place over a relatively long period of time as the body's natural cell division and replacement process yields more and more cells with fundamental errors and damage. Under ideal conditions, this damage would not take place at all and the cells could continue to divide indefinitely according to the body's needs. Unfortunately, this is not the case. When cells divide in a mature organism of any kind, damage inevitably takes place on some level. This damage is separate from the kind of cell damage that you might think of related to sun exposure or other environmental issues; it is intrinsic to the cell division process. Why does it happen? Thanks to some Nobel Prize-winning research in biology, we now have a better understanding of why aging has always seemed like such an inevitable process.

Telomeres: The Secret Key to Reversing or Preventing Aging

Aging happens to everyone, but that does not mean it is a "natural" process in the way most people are used to thinking of one. If human bodies were able to follow their natural processes, they would be able to divide cells indefinitely. However, new research has led to important realizations about why this is not the case. The answer is found in the telomere, the structures found at the end of each chromosome. When cells divide, the telomere is a structure responsible for helping facilitate that process. The more effective the telomere is, the more functional the new cell will be. However, like all other structures in the body, the telomere is subject to degradation over time. Damage absorbed by the telomere can affect all future division! As a result, strengthening the telomere can be said to be the single most important internal factor in preventing new cells from emerging in an unhealthy and degraded state.

Research Demonstrates that Telomere Restoration is Now Possible

Scientists have only known the role of the telomere since about 2009. Our new understanding of the telomere was considered a prize-winning breakthrough. It’s only natural, then, that scientists have taken the original information and used it to conduct various studies. Several of the studies have demonstrated that it is possible to take animals such as rodents, which share similar DNA structures with humans, and rejuvenate their cell division processes by exposing them to an enzyme that naturally reverses telomere degradation. This enzyme provided the test animals' bodies with the necessary signals and resources to "turn on" formerly damaged telomeres. The results of the tests for these aged animals were astonishing!

Telomerase: The Crucial Element for Telomere Support

What allows the telomeres to weather the process of cell division regularly without suffering from degradation? The answer is telomerase, a protein that supports the health of the telomeres by helping to add extra "encoding" to the end of chromosomes. This encoding helps to prevent the incidental loss of cellular information when new cells are generated. In effect, telomerase allows the chromosomes to develop an effective template for the correct division of cells. Following this internal template is part of what allows the telomeres to work with the cells and ensure that the division process is handled properly. As of right now, there is no synthetic protein or other chemical available on the market to simulate the effects of telomerase. However, research has shown that certain natural ingredients provide similar chemicals or their precursors.

SISEL in Australia

Research Shows Restoring Telomeres Dramatically Reverses the Aging Process in Test Animals

Telomere Research Age Reversal Sisel International TS-X

When rodents were exposed to enzymes intended to restore telomere function, the results were astounding. Prior to the testing, these animals had suffered premature aging. They had symptoms such as balding, grey hair within their pelts and even brain size reduction.

Restoring Telomeres reverses the aging process in rodents SISEL InternationalSome of the animals were missing as much as a quarter of their original brain mass. When the enzyme linked with telomere health was introduced to the animals' bodies, they staged a dramatic turnaround. Those with brain size reduction quickly experienced growth that restored their brains to full size. The more superficial signs of aging also disappeared completely. At the end of the testing, the formerly decrepit mice showed dramatic improvements in sensory and cognitive function.

The Key to Reversing the Aging Process is Within Our Grasp for the First Time

Never before has it been possible to pursue age reversal with a true scientific basis. Now, however, things are changing rapidly. Although laboratory tests are currently confined to animals whose DNA structures are similar to those of humans, these breakthroughs will soon translate into a variety of anti-aging treatments and interventions. Within a very short time, human beings could experience a greater level of control over their aging process than has ever been possible before. Although it will take a relatively long time for traditional laboratory science to catch up with these new possibilities, some innovators are already at work making this future a reality. Because the federal Food and Drug Administration does not consider aging to be a disease, there is a wide scope for businesses and other organizations to step onto the scene.

Interested in Revitalizing Your Telomeres?

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