SISEL Slim & Slender Weight Loss System

Are you ready to get off the diet merry-go-round? Do you want to see real weight loss results, lose fat, build muscle and create energy? If so, get serious about weight management in the new year and try the amazing products in the Sisel Slim and Slender Rapid Weight Loss system product line. These products are now available for the first time in Australia just in time to get you back into that teeny bikini or little black dress.

SiseLEAN Weight Management Shake

The SiseLEAN Shake is a delicious part of Sisel's Fit & Fabulous Weight Loss System. Each thick and luscious shake contains less than 80 calories a serving. The creamy vanilla treats help stave off hunger pangs that can lead to unhealthy bingeing and more unhealthy weight gain. SiseLEAN contains peptides, polypeptides and lean proteins that build muscle and boost metabolic rates while helping you lose fat all over your body. Energizing vitamins enhance mental focus and create energy when you need it most. The shakes are tasty and satisfying, and their fibre content helps you feel full so you're not tempted to overindulge and derail your fitness train. The patent-protected formula contains no GMO soy products that have dangerous side effects on your health, so you can feel safe incorporating this product into a healthy lifestyle.

Sisel has a product to meet all your diet and weight management goals. The zero calorie UltraMaxx Energy Drink keeps fatigue at bay with natural ingredients that work in conjunction with the naturally occurring energy produced by your body. If you're feeling tired with the everyday stresses that can overwhelm your life, UltraMaxx Energy Drink can provide you with an immediate pick-up to get you over the hump and meet your fitness challenges. Use as a substitute for the sugary energy drinks that cause you to crash and burn, and maintain and enhance your mental alertness to get the job done.

Some health and fitness programs derail because of bad snack choices. With SiselPops, you no longer have to worry when the urge for a sweet snack attacks your best intentions. These yummy lollipops are sugar-free and made without calorie-laden high fructose corn syrup. They satisfy the craving for sweets with very few calories, and can be eaten in place of a fattening snack. To help you stay on track with your diet, eat one with a glass of water before enjoying a meal. Remember to keep your portions small, reduce carbs and replace sugary drinks and juices with water. Natural Opuntia ficus-indica and prickly pear extracts add a filling fibre that will help you reduce your total caloric intake by making you feel full after eating less. Sweetened with xylitol, they will also not contribute to unsightly tooth decay like a sugary snack will.

When you begin your weight reduction program, sometimes you need an extra boost. Use Accelerator to kick-start your efforts and increase the rate at which you burn fat and calories. Used in conjunction with ThermoCharge, these products have a synergistic effect that speed up the thermogenesis process that burns calories before they can turn into unattractive body fat.


Even when you drop the pounds, you still may be plagued by unsightly cellulite and sagging skin. Use ReCurve Slimming Cream to reduce the appearance of cellulite and firm up skin all over your body. This remarkable cream will rejuvenate your appearance, wipe out fat cells and inhibit the formation of more fat in areas like the jowls and jawline, upper arms, legs and even hard to eradicate belly fat. Because women are genetically predisposed to cellulite, 80-90% of women will struggle with these unattractive fat accumulations at some point. ReCurve's patented ingredients have been shown to increase production of skin-firming collagen while also reducing the production of unsightly adipose tissue. When you rid yourself of the appearance of cellulite, your self confidence gets a big boost as well.

As with any weight reduction program, incorporate these products into a healthy everyday lifestyle that includes increasing your water intake while decreasing consumption of sugary drinks. Australia's record-setting high temperatures make drinking lots of water imperative to maintaining good health. Eliminate high-fat and salty fast foods and replace them with healthy lean meats and protein alternatives. Include fresh fruits and vegetables with your daily meals, and make sure you get plenty of rest. Exercise regularly to achieve optimum fitness results.

Once you try these fantastic products, you may want to become part of Team SISEL. Opportunities exist in the Land Down Under for astute Aussies to supplement their income by becoming home-based distributors of these products. You can work at your own pace to pay down old debts or student loans, or set aside funds for your children's education, a special vacation or the home of your dreams. Ideal for stay at home moms, you can work from home while still keeping an eye on the kids.

Adding an income source to augment your present salary can ease financial stress and add to your overall well-being. These unstable economic times can be fraught with uncertainty, and having another job you can work at your own individual pace can give you peace of mind and ease your financial struggles. You can be your own best advertisement as your friends and family see you whittle your waistline while swelling your bank account. Don't wait another day to get started on the life you've been waiting for.

SISEL's Slim and Slender Rapid Weight Loss System boosts your metabolism and reduces your appetite so you will lose weight in a safe and heart-healthy manner.


Women's Health and Weight Loss with SISEL

As women, of a "certain" age, it seems like we've spent most of our lives being caregivers. We take care of our children, husbands and now with so many of us in what is often called the "sandwich" generation, our aging parents. The one person we tend not to take such good care of, is ourselves. Our diets are often terrible. We eat on the run, whatever is at hand. We don't take the time to exercise as we should. We don't sleep as we should. All of this neglect often culminates in not feeling quite as well as we should or even in becoming ill.

The good news is we can see a definite improvement in the way we feel and maybe even the way we look, if we take proper care of ourselves. Many common illnesses can be avoided and of course that's better than needing a cure, any day.

Diet has gotten the reputation of being a way of eating in which we deprive ourselves of all the yummy foods we want the most. In reality this couldn't be further from the truth. It really includes everything we eat, the excellent, the good, the bad and fattening. That doesn't mean we have to prohibit ourselves from eating any one type of food. We just need to eat the excellent and the good most of the time and not beat ourselves up over the rest. A little sugar or a few empty calories never hurt anyone. It's when those calories are from the poor sources, like sugar, white flour, depleted grains, continually, that we run into problems. The bad should just be a very small part of our eating plan. Think of those foods, if you feel you must have them, as a kind of planned indulgence.

No matter how good our diet is, generally we don't get all the nourishment our bodies need. That's where supplements come in. SISEL International offers many supplements that can enhance overall good eating habits and help maintain and promote healthy bodies.

Disease is often considered a natural part of aging. Not true. Although, our bodies might slow down a bit, many diseases can be completely avoided by eating properly and exercising regularly. Let's make the best of these years by being the best, healthiest women we can be.

Let's consider the follow diseases that are so prevalent in today's society:

The number one killer of women today, is heart disease. Related health concerns are stroke, PAD (peripheral artery disease), high blood pressure or anything involving the heart or circulatory system. Fortunately, there are many everyday things that we can do that can greatly reduce our chances of getting these very common illnesses or lessening their effects on our bodies, if prevention is too late.

A big thing anyone can do to prevent some of the most devastating diseases, including heart disease, is do not smoke. I cannot stress this enough. Do not smoke. So many diseases running rampant today could be greatly reduced by giving up this one habit.

Now, here we are back to our diets. To avoid getting heart disease, in the first place, or to improve the odds of surviving it, we have to really pay attention to what we eat. We need plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and nuts. All of these have fiber that can help improve cholesterol levels and keep those arteries clean. Another food to add 2 or 3 times weekly is fish. Studies are showing that the omega 3 in fish actually lowers triglycerides. If you're not familiar with triglycerides, they are a major component of LDL cholesterol (that's the lousy kind). You need some in your blood stream for good health, but too much is dangerous and can lead to heart attack, abnormal heart rhythms, strokes and hardening of the arteries. The omega 3 in fish oil and in some kinds of nut oils has been shown to help in lowering the risk of these health issues. If you can't stand to eat fish, you can get the benefits of fish oil in capsule form.

Here's some good news for us chocoholics. Dark chocolate (at least 70% cacao) has been shown to promote heart health and to help clear out those arteries.

If you don't seem to be able to get enough produce, you might try some of the super meal replacement weight management shake from SISEL International called SiseLEAN or check your local health food store for other excellent alternatives. Losing weight with SISEL could not be easier and has never felt so good.

Another thing to keep in mind is that to prevent heart disease and many other diseases, you really do need to get plenty of exercise. This doesn't have to be a complicated ritual. Walking is good for your heart and your bones, most anyone can do it and it's cheap. Some wrist weights or ankle weights can make the walking more effective and help tone the arm and leg muscles a bit. You don't even have to set aside large amounts of time, just move more, sit less. Make it fun and maybe you can get the rest of the family involved. It's good for them too.

The above suggestions may also help in warding off Alzheimer's disease. Although there is no proven way, yet, to predict or prevent Alzheimer's, research is showing that a healthy heart and circulatory system may be key influencers.

Another deadly disease for women is cancer, but it breast cancer isn't first as you might expect. Lung cancer tops the list. Although breast cancer is a major threat, lung cancer kills more women every year. Another cause of cancer deaths is colorectal cancer.

What can you do to prevent cancers of various types? You guessed it. Don't smoke. Again that's way at the top of the list of don'ts. Next of course is diet. The same rules apply here as for heart disease. A good eating regimen can go a long way in keeping cancer at bay. Go for the bright colored fruits and vegetables, they have been shown to have the most cancer fighting properties.

Don't forget the doctor visit. Get the regular cancer screenings recommended by your physician. These include pap smears, colonoscopies, breast exams, mammograms, etc.

Be aware, also, that there are many carcinogens lurking around the house. Indoor pollution is often worse than outdoor pollution. We have out-gassing from many of our cleaning supplies, possible radon in the basement, maybe even some asbestos hiding in our walls or ceilings and that lovely air freshener may have ingredients you really don't want to breathe.

You may want to check cosmetics, soaps, and other personal grooming products, too. Many of them have hidden problem causing ingredients such as diethanolamine (DEA), monoethanolamine (MEA) or triethanolamine (TEA), any of the lauryl sulfates, 1,4-dioxane, artificial colors, the list goes on. Some day when you have the time, you may want to do a search on cancer causing ingredients in cosmetics. There are thousands of ingredients allowed in personal products and household products that are known or highly suspected of encouraging cancers. Even something that we put in our mouths, daily, such as toothpaste, may be making us sick. There are many excellent, natural products out there to replace currently used products. A toothpaste, such as SISEL SupraShine found at may be a healthy alternative to consider.

We should also avoid certain kinds of plastics because they contain BPA which may be an endocrine disruptor (in this case, it has to do with mimicking estrogen, which has been linked to breast cancer) Never use plastics with the markings on the bottom of 3, 6 and 7, unless they say BPA free. In addition, never microwave plastics or wash them in the dishwasher as the heat releases the BPA. Although, the evidence isn't completely proven for this, it doesn't hurt to be cautious.

More diseases, very common today, are COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and asthma. First rule, do not smoke. Next, eat well. Many of the chemicals mentioned that contribute to lung cancer also apply here. Be careful what you breathe. Even though exercise is sometimes more difficult with a breathing problem, it is still of vital importance to combating the disease.

Next on our infamous hit parade is diabetes. People are getting type 2 diabetes at younger ages than ever before. This kind of diabetes isn't the kind you normally acquire naturally. You have to earn it, with poor eating habits and lack of exercise. This may not always be the case, there may be some exceptions, but they are few. Even if you've already acquire diabetes, it isn't too late to help your situation.

Weight control is important. Get active. This is one of the best things you can do to control your diabetes. Getting physical with aerobic and resistance exercises regulates blood sugar and makes insulin more effective.

Once again, we need to talk about the importance of diet. With diabetes, it is imperative that you eat right to keep blood sugar levels even. This can be as simple as switching out that white bread for 100% whole wheat, white rice for brown, white flour for whole grain flour, soda or juice for whole fruit and sugar for sweeteners that don't cause sugar highs and lows. Because of problems often found with the artificial sweeteners, you may want to go natural with sweeteners such as agave nectar or stevia, both are found in health food stores and now even in many grocery stores. Neither of these raises blood sugar levels and both have additional health benefits.

Kidney disease or kidney failure is often a result of diabetes. Don't set yourself up for additional, unnecessary health problems. Saving yourself from the complications that are so prevalent as a result of diabetes, make it even more important to take care of you.

Flu can, also, be more of a health risk as we age. A case of flu that might be an inconvenience and misery for a couple days for a normal healthy person can be deadly for someone with a chronic health problem.

Fibromyalgia seems to have become more of a problem for women in recent years. Research is showing that it may be caused by widespread inflammation in the body. Once again diet and exercise are the theme of preventing and controlling this health problem. Sugar is a definite problem for someone with this disease. Sugar causes inflammation and prevents healing. This is a case of eat to heal. Before going the medication route try to include the following foods, regularly, in your eating regimen. Eat your veggies. Go for the brightly colored fruits and vegetables for their antioxidant properties. Include some of these inflammation fighters, daily. Salmon, olive oil, broccoli, cherries, blueberries, green tea, ginger, garlic and if you like spicy foods, curry are all excellent choices to reduce inflammation and are useful as part of a healthful diet.

We can also guard our health by protecting ourselves from accidents. This should go without saying, but auto accidents are a leading cause of death in women. Protect yourself. Be alert. Don't drive when drunk (even tipsy) or tired. Wear your seatbelt. Don't speed.

Protect yourself from other accidents as well. In the home, remove hazards that can cause falls, put non-slip mats in the tub or shower, remove throw rugs or fasten them down securely, don't climb unstable chairs or ladders and basically avoid anything you know you shouldn't be doing. Safety first isn't just a catch phrase; it's an excellent rule to follow.

If you have osteoporosis it is even more important to avoid accidents. Some ways to improve bone strength is through weight bearing exercises, such as walking, getting enough calcium by eating plenty of greens, such as spinach, and low fat dairy. Getting plenty of sunshine, to help the body manufacture vitamin D is also important.

As you can see, the best way to help ourselves to remain healthy and active, is to prevent disease before it gets a hold on us. It may take a while to form the healthy habits, but it is well worth the effort. Just work on starting small and working up to where you want to be. There are products out there that can help boost energy levels, provide the components missing from our diet and help us lose the extra weight. You may want to try the SISEL Triangle of Life which contains many antioxidants and vitamins, an excellent immunity booster or SiseLEAN to help in the battle for weight control. You can view more information at The SISEL International website ...

Don't make it complicated. Substitute good foods for junk. Concentrate on adding the good, like fruits and vegetable, whole grains, good fats, such as olive oil or nut oils, lean meats and low fat dairy. When you fill up on the things your body is really craving, the bad things will naturally take care of themselves. The desire for the junk will end and you'll be so full of the foods you should be eating that you'll not miss sugary treats.

Do exercise consistently. Don't overdo, but keep active. Walking and stretching are simple and effective ways to start. Remember, anything is better than nothing. If you can only walk half a block to start, start there. Work your way to where you want to be. Exercise shouldn't be painful. Do what you can, but do it often.

A bonus of eating and exercising properly is that we don't have to wait for it to work. We'll notice improvement right away. We'll have more energy and feel better about ourselves. Quality of life is important. We don't want to just look better, on the outside. We want to be strong and healthy and able to do the things we want to do. We want to be able to enjoy life fully and be with the people we love for as long as possible. A few changes in the way we eat and exercise can make all the difference.